Liam Davies

Writer of new weird, absurdist, horror and fantasy fiction

"I'm almost thinking Davies may be some evil genius..." John Boden, Shock Totem
"...the writer's laurels definitely have to go to Liam Davies." Charles Packer, Sci-fi online.


Adventures in Bedsit - Bad Marrow Books (novella and short story collection, combined)

When a psychotic writer murders his idol in order to score his life's work into the walls of his bed-sit with her blood, little does he know that he has sparked a chain of events that will bring about his own brutal demise. What follows is riotous journey into the afterlife, replete with purgatorial bureaucracy, an awkward reunition with his victim and the Starbucks for the Existentially F**ked. 

Interspersed between the chapters of this blackly comic novella are the very stories, chiselled in viscera on that fateful day. Stories of killer invisible friends, inter dimensional sociopathic clowns, futuristic sex toys, humanoid shark people, men reincarnated as supermarkets, and much, much more…

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The Shadow Intermission - Bad Marrow Books (novella)

When Abbie Stone is brutally murdered by a stalker, a horrific and absurd chain of events is both ended and begun: paradoxically, time itself has been watching everything and has decided to explore the narratives and motivations that unfurled prior to Abbie's killing. Counting backwards, hour by hour, watching the people associated with Abbie unwittingly contribute to her death, this unseen presence grows restless in the shadows and starts to plot its own brutal intervention… The Shadow Intermission is a novella populated by characters whose demons are never that far away from the surface and, ultimately, it shows just how far reaching, and how deadly, the seemingly innocuous can become. Buy on Amazon UK Buy on Amazon US

Bugger All Backwards - Gallows Press (novella)

Unemployed, his girlfriend gone, aspiring writer, Jimmy Finch does what any self-respecting male would do … he beelines it to the pub to get piss drunk. However, while sitting on the establishment’s commode, Jimmy is shocked to look down and see the chubby-faced ghost of Dylan Thomas looking back at him. Before he can ponder his surreal situation, he is sucked into the toilet and through the dead poet’s reflected anus . Jimmy awakens to find that he had been transported to the bizarre town of Llareggub, seasonal home to fictional characters from movies and literature alike. With the plucky, love-struck Myfanwy as his guide, he sets out to explore the tiny burg. But the residents of Llareggub have a secret. As Jimmy enjoys a bit of celebrity, and even brushes elbows with some of fiction’s greatest characters, he soon realizes that he and his new friends are in danger. With the danger mounting, he must discover how to return to his own reality. Buy on Amazon UK Buy on Amazon US

Sow & the Three Beasts of Brunlea - Gallows Press (novel)

In Brunlea, an old relic village of the industrial revolution in the north of England, two desperate people confront a hidden evil that has plagued the town for centuries.

On the Anniversary of his wife’s death, Stephen is working the nightshift at the Brunlea slaughterhouse. When he hears an insidious voice calling from the shadowy corners of the carcass-filled cold store, he flees. Colliding with a pig, Stephen is knocked unconscious. And when he awakes, everything changes. Torn between reality and his fragmented recollections of what happened in the slaughterhouse that night, Stephen is haunted by terrifying visitations from an un-dead sow carcass. As his life spirals downward around him, Stephen makes a horrifying discovery about his town. The pigs control everybody.

Blue is an obsessive-compulsive, socially-awkward factory worker who has lost his will to live. When Blue wakes on the morning he plans to kill himself and discovers that he has been blessed with telepathy and telekinesis, his life changes dramatically.

As Blue learns to cope with his newfound powers, he finds that he is drawn to the local slaughterhouse. There, he learns of the evil force lurking among rows of slaughtered pigs. When his boss and rival, Mako, inherits the same powers, Blue must ban with Stephen to prepare for a violent, destructive showdown.

SOW & The Three Beasts of Brunlea is a brutal and startlingly original exploration of small town apathy and social decay.

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Anthology Appearances


A short reading from Sow (and the three beasts of Brunlea), adapted slightly to fit with the music. Quite jazzy and designed to be little more than a rather trippy soundscape... although my dulcet tones may send you to sleep. My good friend, Karl Eden, from Super Johnny K and the Bang Bangs, provides the tunes. - swine chapter 2 mix.mp3

Another reading, this time one of the short stories from Adventures in Bed-sit - again adapted slightly and certainly not the version that features in the book. Again, designed only to be an odd textural soundscape, rather than a cohesive story. Karl Eden again on music duties. - the fish with the face of shirley temple mix.mp3