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Adventures in Bedsit (and the phantom game of pocket snooker)

Posted by Liam Davies on September 12, 2015 at 3:30 PM

This entry is to serve as an introduction to my latest book, Adventures in Bedsit, published through Bad Marrow Books. Essentially, it is a short story collection with a rather large wrap-around novella to give the stories a rather fun framework from which to occupy. The wider story details a psychotic wannabe horror writer, who carves his stories into the walls of his squalid bedsit before inking the scored surface with the blood of his first and last murder victim, his favourite author - all this before killing himself in an act designed to grant him eternal infamy. What follows though is a series of mishaps and blunders that takes him into the absurd bureaucracy of the afterlife and straight into the path of his murder victim. The short stories that intersperse the chapters of this novella are the very tales our luckless nutjob scratched into the plaster of his damp flat: mirrors reveal portals to purgatory; love-cheats are reincarnated as supermarkets; satan seeks an apprentice to help him finish his janitorial work at a struggling comprehensive school; a Parisian theme park owner tests the scariest ride ever created; a futuristic sex toy may just save the sanity of everyone on the planet; an alcoholic needs to feed the fish that secretes his favourite psychotropic drink; lettings agency workers are more than they seem, under the skin; the members of the most controversial band of all time sell their souls to satan for an all new sound; humanoid sharks in people costumes run the world's financial empires; and much, much more.

Okay, advert over. I sincerly hope, if you're reading this, that you pick up a copy and enjoy it - as dark as a lot of the content of this book is (it does go really go to some icky places) the overall aim is to have some fun - think The League of Gentlement but one of their particularly harrowing episodes... but there's something else I wanted to cover. This is my first short story collection. The pieces of fiction have appeared in magazines and journals on both sides of the Atlantic over several years. I wrote them sporadically, subbed them infrequently and only ever put them together for this book. And so here's the nub of things. It was only when perusing these stories next to one another during the drafts, edits and proofs, that something dawned on me. If some themes develop in a writer's work from the depths of their subconsciousness, then what does it say about me that in about half of these stories some character, at some stage... ahem... well... pleasures themselves? Maybe that I need to get out more, some of you might be thinking. Well without revealing too much information, I have to say that my life is fine, in all ways, and I wouldn't change anything - no, there's nothing wrong there. So, suffice to say, I was perplexed, and perhaps a little spooked by what I was unwittingly including. Then again, in my recent book, The Shadow Intermission, I focues heavily on the most negative aspects of maleness and in this collection there is barely a male character that does not transgress moral boundaries of some sort. So yeah, that's what I'm going to go with. My work asks pertinent questions about gender, about maleness, about how men view, use and abuse themselves and their lives and so on... either that, or my work just features a hell of a lot of wankers. Adventures in Bedsit is available from Amazon UK and Amazon US.


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